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How Can I Make Sure My Job Leads Are Relevant?

Job leads are assigned to Plentific Pros based on what kind of work they offer and where they are based in the UK.

To ensure that you receive leads relevant to your work, start by logging into your Plentific Dashboard:

  • Go to ‘My Company’ and select ‘Services’
  • Clicking on a relevant category will open a drop-down menu of services. Select the ones which you want to receive leads for
  • Change the order of the categories in ‘Pro Categories’ to decide which ones you most want to receive leads for. The higher the category is on the list, the more likely you are to receive leads for it

To make sure that you receive leads within your work area, open your Plentific Dashboard and select ‘My Company’:

  • Under ‘Company Information’ you will find your ‘Company Address’ and ‘Catchment Radius’
  • Update your Company Address to confirm your main business address
  • Update your Catchment Radius to show how far you are willing to travel for jobs. You will receive alerts for leads that appear within this area

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