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How Can I Make Sure My Job Leads Are Relevant?

When you set up a Plentific profile, you are asked to state which services you provide and where you are located. This in turn will decide what kind of leads you receive.

  • Services - Your ‘services’ are the jobs which you are happy to take on. For example, an electrician might offer services like ‘electrical rewiring’ or ‘fuse box installation/ repair’
  • Location - This is where your company is based. A builder in Manchester would not want to receive leads jobs in London, and so on. You will need to give the location of your main company address as well as your catchment radius (the number of miles you are willing to travel for a job)

It is important to ensure that you keep your services and location updated in order to keep receiving relevant leads. You can change these at any time. Start by logging in to Plentific, then select the ‘Business’ tab at the top left of your page.

To let us know which jobs you are happy to do, select ‘Services’. Next, click on the relevant Pro category and tick the services you want to offer on the dropdown menu.

To update your location, select ‘Business info’. On the next page you can add more branches for your business and change your catchment radius.

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