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Can I Edit a Quote after Sending It?

If you have submitted a quote to a customer and decide that you want to change something, you can! This will cancel the original quote and issue an updated one.

To edit a quote, start by logging into your Plentific Dashboard:

  • In ‘My Jobs’, go to ‘Quotes Sent’ and select the quote which you would like to edit
  • You will see your original quote on the next page. Select ‘Details’ to continue
  • The next page will contain the ‘Quote Details’. You can then select ‘Amend’ to edit the quote

However, you cannot edit a quote which has already been accepted by a customer. You will need to ask them to un-accept the quote, at which point you can submit an updated one. Keep in mind that a customer will still need to accept the new quote for you to be able to do the job.

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