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How Do I Send an Invoice to a Customer?

If you want to get paid for a job, you will need to send an invoice to your customer. Be aware that any costs added to your invoice must have been approved by the customer in advance, or they will not be expected to have to pay them.

To create an invoice for a project, start by logging into your Plentific Dashboard:

  • Select ‘Invoices’ to see a list of all invoices linked to your account, whether they are outstanding, overdue or paid
  • Click on ‘Create an invoice’
  • On the next page you will be asked to add ‘invoice items’. These are the individual charges that will make up the total. An ‘item’ can be charged as a fixed price or as a price per hour, per day or per item

Select ‘Add Recipient’ to choose the customer who will receive your invoice. You will be asked for their name, email address and postcode, as well as a due date. You can then create a unique reference ID to make it easier for them to connect the quote to their job. You will also have the option to create a message which the customer will receive along with the invoice.

Select ‘Review and send’ to check the details of your invoice before sending it off to your customer.

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