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Can I Send a Message to a Customer before Sending a Quote?

If you want to send a message to a customer about a lead before submitting a quote, start by clicking on the lead in question:

  • You will see a box in the middle of the page where you can start typing your message
  • Select ‘Attach photo or file’ to upload any relevant files from your device as attachments. For example, if you have done the type of work that the customer wants in the past, you may want to attach a photo of your handiwork

Contacting a customer gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have about a lead before you send a quote. If the customer has any questions for you, it’s also a chance for you to make a great impression!
Keep in mind that you must send an official Plentific quote if you want to get hired; any quotes or costs discussed over messaging will not count.

The message feed between you and your customer will be automatically saved in case you need to reference it later on.

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