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What Should My Quote Contain?

Quotes on Plentific can either be ‘Simple’ or ‘Advanced’, with advanced quotes containing itemised costs that make up a total. Simple quotes, on the other hand, are for basic one-lump-sum payments.

Before you get started, keep in mind that customers usually prefer itemised quotes which let them know exactly what they are paying for. If your offer is for £1,000 or higher, it will be mandatory to create an advanced quote.

Be sure to include:

  • Individual charges - Select ‘Add quote item’ to add individual charges to your quote. Remember to specify whether each charge is a fixed price or a rate per hour, per day or per item
  • Descriptions - Write a description of each individual charge. Again, this helps customers to understand what they are paying for

Whether or not a quote is accepted ultimately depends on the customer. Be sure to offer a fair price, justify each individual charge and upload photos so that you can impress the customer with your handiwork!


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