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How Do I Buy Plentific Credits?

As a Plentific Pro there are a number of ways for you to add more Plentific credits to your account:

  • Manually - Log in to Plentific then select the ‘Business’ tab on your dashboard. On the next page, select ‘Billing’. The next screen will show how many credits you currently have and give you the option to top up
  • Monthly plan - Go to your ‘Billing’ screen and select ‘Plan’. At the top of this page you will find your currently monthly plan, which adds a certain number of credits to your account every month. To alter this figure, select ‘Change plan’. If you buy credits in this way, you will also receive an additional 10% credits every month FREE of charge
  • Negative credits - If you are shortlisted for a job but do not have enough Plentific credits to pay for it, 25 credits will be added to your account automatically. You will be charged for this via your saved payment method

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