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How Does Plentific Charge for Leads?

Plentific Pros buy leads using Plentific credits. However, unlike the competition Plentific does not charge Pros just to receive leads, or even to let customers know they are interested in taking on the work. 

Instead, Pros pay Plentific credits when they are shortlisted for a lead. For consumer and business leads, only five Pros can be shortlisted. In other words, by the time a Pro pays for a lead they already have a good chance of getting hired.

The cost of a lead in Plentific credits will depend on the lead itself:

  • Consumer leads - Jobs posted by consumers on the Plentific website will cost between 3 and 30 Plentific credits depending on the value of each job
  • Business leads - Jobs posted by property managers, large landlords, social housing organisations and local authorities will each cost only 1 credit
  • Prepaid leads - Jobs booked and paid for up-front will cost only 1 credit


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