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How Does Plentific Charge for Leads?

Unlike the competition, Plentific does not charge trade professionals to receive leads. It wouldn't be fair for you to have to pay for a lead before you even get the job!

With normal leads, the Plentific website will only take payment once a customer accepts a quote.

If a customer accepts your quote, the following will happen:

  • The customer must pay a deposit to accept a quote. This amount will be 50% of the quote for amounts lower than £250 and 25% for anything higher
  • We will take 10% of your quote from this amount as a service fee. However, this fee is capped at £995

This system means that with Plentific, you will only ever need to pay for a lead if you have already won the job!

Plentific will charge 10% + VAT of the job’s total value, which will be taken from the customer’s deposit. For prepaid leads, Plentific will charge 20% + VAT.

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