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How Can I View and Manage My Projects?

Once you are logged into Plentific, you can view your jobs at any time by selecting ‘My Projects’ from the top right of your screen. This will take you to your Plentific Dashboard, where you can access and manage all of your projects, and even add new ones, from one convenient location.

Clicking on a project in your dashboard will let you manage every aspect of the job:

  • Connected Pros - These are Plentific trade professionals who have shown an interest in the job by contacting you or sending a quote
  • Invite other Pros - This is a list of Pros which you can link to your job to see if they want to to submit a quote for the work
  • Total quote - When you select a Connected Pro, you will be able to see their quote for your job, along with the deposit you will need to pay in order to accept it. To the right you will also see figures for ‘Payment’, which refers to how much money you have paid so far, and ‘Invoice’, which is the amount your Pro has asked you to pay via invoicing
  • Messages - This is a saved feed of all the messages between you and your Pro. This will be saved in case you need to reference it later on. You can message your Pro to discuss details about your job and even arrange site visits
  • Call Pro - You can click here to generate a proxy number for your Pro. This is a single-use number that will allow you to call their phone, but they will not be able to see your number or return the call. You can use the button to generate as many proxy numbers as you need to

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