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How Do I Send a Message to a Pro?

If you want to send a message to a Pro, you can do this from your Plentific Dashboard.

Start by logging into Plentific then select ‘My Projects’ from the homepage:

  • Select the jobs connected to the Pro you want to speak to. The Pro must be shortlisted for the job before you can contact them
  • The next page will contain a message feed showing all of the dialogue between you and your Pro (a record will be kept in case you need to references this later)
  • Click ‘Write a message’ to start writing your message. You can also select ‘Attach photo or file’ to upload any relevant files from your device

Keep in mind that Plentific does not allow customers or Pros to take dialogue outside of the Plentific Dashboard. If you attempt to share your direct contact information with a Pro, your account may be suspended. However, a Pro will be able to see your contact information once you accept their quote.

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