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How Do I Call a Pro?

If you decide that you need to speak to a Pro over the phone, you can do this by using a single-use proxy number. This number will allow you to reach the Pro, but they will not be able to see your number or call you back.

To generate a proxy number, start by logging into Plentific and selecting ‘My Projects’:

  • Click on the project connected to the Pro you want to contact
  • Select the Pro from the left hand side of the screen, then click the ‘Call Pro’ button next to their company name
  • This will generate a single-use proxy number which you can use to call the Pro. Keep in mind that proxy numbers will become invalid after one use and expire after five minutes
  • You can generate as many proxy numbers as you need to. Simply refresh your page and click ‘Call Pro’ again to generate a new number

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