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When Do I Need to Pay My Pro?

The first payment which you make to your Pro will be the deposit, which you will need to pay in order to accept their quote. For any projects worth £250 or less, this amount will be 50% of the project’s cost. For any quotes larger than this, the deposit will be 25%.

When you pay the rest of the quote will depend on your arrangement with your Pro. In some cases, you will simply be expected to pay the rest of your quote once the job is finished. However, for larger jobs, your Pro may instead want to set up a schedule of payments. If this is the case, it will need to be agreed on via messaging on the Plentific platform. Your Pro can then send invoices at the agreed times.

Remember, a payment schedule must be agreed on before a job begins. The Plentific website will keep a record of your messages in case you need to refer to your arrangements at a later date.

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