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Prepaid Leads

What is a Prepaid lead?

If a customer is in a hurry, they have the option to book a fixed-price job via Plentific Instant. This will create a ‘prepaid lead’ which is first come first served. In other words, the first Pro to claim the job will win the work, without having to worry about any competition. Because the jobs are all fixed-price, however, if there are extra cost Pros will be able to amend the final invoice.

What are the advantages of prepaid leads?

Prepaid leads offer a number of advantages over other leads:

  • They have fixed prices, which means that a customer cannot try to haggle the costs down.
  • They are first come first served, which means that the first Pro to claim a prepaid lead gets the work. There is no competition and no waiting around for a customer to choose a quote.
  • A customer needs to pay for a job on Plentific Instant before they can book it. In other words, you are guaranteed to get paid as soon as the work is completed.

How much does Plentific charge for prepaid leads?

Prepaid leads cost 1 credit to purchase. Unlike business or consumer leads, the job will be yours as soon as you buy it. Plentific will also apply a commission fee of 20% + VAT. Pros can see the total proceeds before purchasing the lead.

Which services are offered on Plentific Instant?

Plentific currently offers multiple services as ‘instant jobs’. You can find a full list of our current Plentific Instant jobs at

How do I claim a prepaid lead?

If you want to claim a prepaid lead, start by logging in to Plentific and selecting the ‘Leads’ tab in your dashboard. Next, select the prepaid lead you are after. On the next page, you will see an option marked ‘Buy this lead’. The next screen will show three potential timeslots posted by the customer.

If you are not available for any of the dates and times specified, you must not take the job. You should not expect to be able to arrange a new timeslot with the customer - they are in a hurry, after all! If you can work during one of the timeslots and are happy to take on the job, click on the button marked ‘I am sure. Let’s do this!

Remember that prepaid leads are first come first served. Do not wait to claim the lead, or another tradesman might grab it first!

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