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How are different jobs labelled?

The different ‘jobs’ you find on your Plentific dashboard will be labelled depending on what stage they are at and their relation to you.

For example, a job you have only just shown an interest in would be marked as ‘Interested’, while a job you are already awaiting payment for would be marked as ‘Invoiced’.

Let’s take a look at what each of them mean:

  • Interested - This is a job which you have shown an ‘interest’ in. The customer who posted the job will see this, but you will not be able to contact them or offer a quote until they shortlist you for the work.
  • Shortlisted - When you have been shortlisted for a job, you can contact the customer directly and offer a quote for the work. Only five Plentific Pros can be shortlisted per job.
  • Quoted - A ‘quoted’ job is one which you have submitted a quote for. In other words, you have sent the customer a price for the work they want done. A quote can be altered, but only before it is accepted by a customer.
  • Hired - As you can probably guess, a ‘hired’ job is one which you have been hired for! In order to hire you, a customer will have accepted your quote and paid your deposit. Now is the time to arrange a start date for the work itself.
  • Invoiced - An ‘invoiced’ job is one which you have sent an invoice for. This will usually take place at the end of a job.
  • Completed - If a job is marked as 'completed', the work will have been finished and the final invoice paid. Plentific will keep a record of completed jobs in case you need to reference them later on.
  • Lost - A job can be marked as ‘lost’ for a number of reasons. It may be a job which you have declined, or the customer may have hired a different Pro. The customer may also have closed the enquiry. It may simply be that the maximum number of Pros have been shortlisted for the job, which means it will be closed to other interested Pros.

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