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What are the different types of job leads?

Looking at your dashboard, you may have noticed that there are several different lead types:

  • Consumer leads - These are typical leads posted by Plentific customers
  • Business leads - These leads have been posted by companies using the Plentific platform. Plentific has a number of business partners who use Plentific Pros exclusively, allowing us to share leads which can’t be found anywhere else
  • Prepaid job leads - Plentific offers a number of fixed-price services which customers can book instantly. They must pay the fixed price in full in order to do so. Unlike other lead types, a prepaid lead will always go to the first Pro who claims it. In other words, it pays to act quickly!
  • Featured - If a customer is serious about finding tradesmen for their job, they may pay to make it a ‘featured’ lead. These leads will appear right at the top of your ‘Job leads’ page

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