How do I use a lead on Plentific?

Plentific Leads help you register interest in jobs and win work.

Before you can offer a quote for a lead on Plentific, you will first need to show ‘interest’ in it.

Showing interest in a lead will let the customer know that you want to take the job. They can then examine your profile and decide if they want to shortlist you for the work. If you are shortlisted, you can message the customer directly and offer a quote for the job.

To show interest in a job, start by selecting the ‘Leads’ section of your dashboard. Next, click on the job in question.

Here, you can read more about the job and select 'Get this lead'.

After clicking here, you will be asked to compose a short message to the customer. This is your chance to make a great first impression! You can also use a default message.

When you are finished, simply select the button marked ‘Let’s go’.