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How do I raise a Work Order?

With Plentific, raising a Work Order for any property in your portfolio is easier than ever.

To report a repair, you find the property in question using our dashboard. Then select 'Report repair'.

Plentific’s triage system allows you to provide more information on the works required - including a description and images of the issue. 

This helps you get more accurate quotes from the Pros (tradespeople). And helps them understand the issue clearly enough to get it right the first time - as often as possible. 

We match your repair request to Pros who have relevant skills and qualifications for the job. And also those who operate locally - so your repairs are sustainable, community-driven and more receptive than ever before.

Once you have sent out your Work Order to the marketplace, you can receive quotes, chat with Pros and select the best quote for the job. The Work Order is then tracked throughout its lifecycle, allowing you to follow the repairs every step of the way.