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For TouchRight Software Users in the UK
For TouchRight Software Users in the UK

Help and FAQs for TouchRight clients.

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How do I edit and finalise a report?
How can I add, move and copy photos in a report?
How can I remove rooms in my report that are not needed?
How can I display my previous report information when I download a linked report?
How can I send my finalised report to the tenant or landlord to add remote comments and sign?
How do I set up a linked appointment so that I can view my previous report at the property?
I want to create a custom report name. How do I do that?
User guide for tenants/landlords: how to review, add comments and sign reports remotely
My report has failed to sync from the app. What can I do?
I accidentally selected the wrong name for my report - how do I change this?
How can I tag issues when my report is on the dashboard and create an issues report?
I've completed and synced a report but I can't find it on the dashboard. Where is the report?
I want to create a report in the office, how can I do this?
How do I send a report back to my device to either revisit a property to finish or get tenants to sign in the office?
I’ve finalised my report. How can I download or email it?
How can I create my own issue tag categories?
How can I copy a report on the dashboard?
How can I finalise a report that the tenant has added comments to?
A report has been completed using the wrong template - what can I do?
I’ve added a report against the wrong property address by mistake. Can I change it?
Can I customise a report before I go to the property?
I think I've accidentally deleted a report. Can I get it back?
I linked my report but I didn't mean to - how can I remove the link?
I forgot to link my appointment to my previous report - can this be edited?
How can I download tagged maintenance issues into a spreadsheet?
What are the different custom options available to me when I download a report?
I have completed a report on the wrong property address by mistake. Can it be changed?
How to edit, resend or delete a comments report request sent to a tenant or landlord?